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Why Visit Philippines

There are many reasons why people travel, and we would like to give you reasons why you need to Travel to the Philippines. 

Being the owner / founder  of the Starlegends Adventures Travel & Tours and a Filipino citizen, it is such a great honor to hear from different Tourists who have experienced, explored and fell in love with the beauty of my beloved country, Philippines, and its people.

If you are up to Real Adventure, or you call yourself an Adventure Seeker, you might wanna hear more from these awesome Travellers whom I have personally picked to share with you their travel experiences in the Philippines and how they fell in love with it for , many but , common reasons.


"There are some countries in which the falling happens little by little. And others where the love is instantaneous. The Philippines, for us, was definitely the latter. This humble island country gave us more to fall in love with than most places we’ve been before.

*You'll Meet the most warm and welcoming people

*English Spoken Everywhere. *The food is fresh and delicious.

*You can travel on a budget.

* The country itself is stunning."

Read & Learn more from their blog  >>>

What about watching this short Clip from #FinnSnow who have literally explored the Philippines in a most adventurous way. He was able to get close to the real culture of Filipinos and realizing our best trait which is being the most  "Hospitable" people in the world. Explore and Learn which of these beautiful islands has to go first in your bucket list. Is it Palawan? Cebu? Leyte? 

Watch Now>> 

Hear More & Learn More from #LostLeBlanc who have summarized his almost 3 months stay & experience in the Philippines. 

Watch Now >>

I genuinely hope that I am able to give you the best summary for your next  Getaway. We look forward to welcoming you a smile.

Our Company is mainly focused in bringing more Tourists to our country, the Philippines, because for those that truly want to see & experience the beauty of Tropical Island without having to spend much--- Philippines is the country to go to.. we speak the global language, hence , it is easy to explore the country more. And most of all, me & my Starlegends Family, can help and assist you in your next trip. 

Our aim is to provide Quality at a low cost products and services. 

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or simply email us at :

Office address: Door 3 Tezon Bldg Brgy 80 Marasbaras Tacloban City 6500

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